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      What are the electric toothbrush brands?

      Time:2018-10-10Views:3426 Author: Sure-Power

      Hong Kong I-Love Group, founded in 2013, is the first company to introduce "cold tooth whitening" into the Chinese market as an effective and safe tooth whitening technology recognized by Europe and the United States. Mr. Song JOHN, chairman of Hong Kong Deep Love Group, returned to China after many years in the United States to start his own business.

      After in-depth investigation and analysis, he chose a promising oral industry, and quickly established a professional team.

      He also established a research and development team of "photocatalyst" with independent patents in Japan, which lasted five years and led the team to spend a huge sum of money. In-depth research and development, obtained more than 20 patents at home and abroad and a number of national copyrights, and ultimately, to continue to practice globalization, science and technology, intelligence, health development ideas, the creation of a deep love of the "V-WHITE" brand, and strive to "V-WHITE" all products in the formula of natural, innovative, healthy and effective.

      Hong Kong i- Love Group adheres to the brand concept of "cold light whitening 360 degrees full automatic intelligent oral cleaning.

      Focusing on the global market, with the mission of making the world's human oral health", we are committed to promoting the latest tooth whitening technology to hundreds of millions of families worldwide.

      In 2017, the I- love group was appraised as "Guangdong innovation enterprise". Hong Kong I- Love Group, while focusing on product development and layout of the future,is determined to establish a century of I-love, strengthen the national brand!

      Let honourable and quality oriented V-WHITE have your beautiful white and health.


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